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Hyatt Dining Club Programme Terms

These terms (“Terms”) govern the Hyatt Dining Club programme (“Programme”) brought to you by the Participating Hotels (defined below) in collaboration with Hyatt Services India Private Limited. The terms “Hyatt,” “we,” “our,” “us” and other similar terms are used for convenience in these Terms to refer collectively and/or individually to one or more of the Participating Hotels and/or Hyatt Services India Private Limited and/or one or more of its affiliates and subsidiaries. The terms “Member,” “you,” “your,” and other similar terms refer to an individual subscriber in the Programme, enrolled and in good standing pursuant to these Terms. A list of the “Participating Hotels” can be found at www.hyattdiningclub.com. Please note that the Participating Hotels may change from time to time, as per Hyatt’s sole discretion.

Please see Hyatt’s Privacy Policies, available at privacy.hyatt.com, which are applicable to your participation in the Programme (“Privacy Policy”).

Your participation in the Programme is governed by these Terms. You agree to them by participating in the Programme and/or by accessing the Programme Site or Programme App (both as defined herein). It is your responsibility to read and understand these Terms. Information about the Programme and these Terms is available on the Programme App (“Programme App”) or programme website, www.hyattdiningclub.com (“Programme Site”).

Availability of the benefits under the Programme is subject to availability at the Participating Hotel or Participating Outlet (as later defined) as applicable.

  1. The Programme is open only to individual persons who are at least 18 years of age and the age of majority where they live, and who are otherwise competent to contract as per the Indian Contract Act, 1872. Participation in the Programme is unauthorized in any jurisdiction where all or any portion of the Programme may violate any legal requirements, and you agree not to participate in the Programme in any such jurisdiction. You are responsible for compliance with applicable laws. If participating in the Programme would result in you violating any law, rule, regulation, order, or any agreement to which you are a party, then you are ineligible to participate. As a condition of participating in the Programme, you agree that, if requested by Hyatt, you will provide documentation or other proof of your eligibility within the requested timeframe.

  2. Except as expressly noted in these Terms with respect to a Spouse Card, a single subscription cannot be shared, used, pooled, or combined by more than one person including (but not limited to) by family members of the Member. Further, unless expressly noted otherwise, a Member cannot pool or combine any benefits associated with this Programme with the benefits of any other programme offered by Hyatt or its affiliates in which he or she may be a member or Member.

An individual may maintain only one (1) active subscription under the Programme and will not be allowed to subscribe to the Programme again before the expiry or termination of the applicable Subscription Period in accordance with these Terms.

A Member may declare a spouse by notifying care@hyattdiningclub.com and submitting a spousal attestation form, as provided by Hyatt, or any other form requested by Hyatt. If such spouse accepts the designation to receive benefits under the Programme, they shall be considered a “Spouse” hereunder and may be entitled to certain benefits under the Programme. To the extent applicable, a Spouse agrees be subject to these Terms to the same extent as a Member. Such Spousal benefit may be revoked at any time by the Member, by notifying care@hyattdiningclub.com, or Hyatt, for any reason, including in case of Spouse death or divorce. Notwithstanding the forgoing, Member may be entitled to request a new Spouse be designated, provided a spousal attestation, and any other form requested by Hyatt, is provided with respect to the new Spouse. In case of death of the Member, Spouse may write to care@hyattdiningclub.com and request conversion to Member until expiry of membership duration.

  1. Subscription is for individuals only. Corporations, associations, or groups cannot enroll in the Programme unless expressly authorized by Hyatt, and any such permitted enrollee shall be considered a Member under these Terms. Hyatt colleagues, including individuals working in any of Hyatt’s corporate or regional offices as well as individuals working at any Hyatt-branded hotel or resort, are not eligible to participate in the Programme.

  2. Enroll in the Programme by (i) visiting the Programme App and following the enrollment instructions, or completing such other enrollment process as Hyatt may communicate, and (ii) paying to Hyatt the annual enrollment fee determined by the subscription tier. Unless otherwise restricted by law, Hyatt Dining Club reserves the rights to contact the Members on their registered email id and phone number.

  1. Upon completing your enrollment, you will receive a number for your Programme account (“Subscription Number”).

  2.  By enrolling and participating in the Programme, you agree that Hyatt may contact you by telephone, by text message, by email, by instantaneous chat, or by any other media, technology or device now known or hereafter developed for which you have provided contact information in connection with your enrollment, including for marketing purposes, except where you have subscribed to any Do Not Disturb (“DND”) or similar registration of your mobile number(s). Further, if you gift, refer, or otherwise provide us with the name, phone number, or other information of another individual in connection with this Programme, you represent and warrant that you have authority to do so.  

  3.  We collect and use your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy(ies). By enrolling in the Programme, you hereby expressly consent and authorize Hyatt to share any information you provide as follows:

  • With Participating Hotels and other third parties for the purpose of offering and delivering the Programme Benefits (as defined herein); and

  • With affiliates of Hyatt which may be located in other countries.

  1. The provisions of this Section are supplementary to the terms of Hyatt’s applicable Privacy Policy(ies).

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